USPOCO BOOKS is proud to present No. 3 in The Travvis Largent Chapbook Series: Queen and Stranger, by Sara Jeanine Smith.

In Queen and Stranger, Sara Smith explores the inner and outer landscapes of being alive in the world—at once planetary and domestic, secular and sacred, these poems are spatial meditations on the broadest possibilities of heart, hearth, and home. Enter this book and feel what’s there—a singular and authentic voice, expansive, but ever rooted in the rhizome of her matriarchal line. Tiny hymns of truth and grace, absent of artifice and pretention, take us beyond words and show us how to be at peace in the “nowhere quite tangible.” This mother, granddaughter, sister, friend, and spiritual seeker is wise and alert to the nuanced rhythms of her home, which includes the “backwater” wilds that are always present, like a “swamp that once reigned and still creeps, unruly, into the margins of the subdivisions.” –Jamey Jones, former Poet Laureate of Northwest Florida

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